Meditation is natural and you are in continuous meditation. There is no real “how-to” for meditation because when you are deeply concerned about something you naturally give your energy and attention to it. You examine and ponder the situation, turning over in your mind all the related knowledge you and others possess. When a situation matters to you, the meditative mind is already there working, even though you may not be conscious of it. You hold important things in meditation. It is ever-present.

It is the same as when parents are always concerned for their children and hold them in the cave of their hearts. No matter what they are going through or have done, it is the kind of loving that nurtures the child and creates a propitious environment for its growth and the fulfillment of its potential. It is the kind of loving that parents hold for their children for the duration of their life journey.

This on-going meditative nurturing process is what allows the child to feel secure. This is the only security children really need. They have the security to put down roots, dwell in a place they call home, and feel a sense of their parent’s care always working for their good. It becomes a foundation where the child can access the parent’s wisdom and higher consciousness for the fulfillment of their highest potential.

When you really love, there is a quality of meditative communion where you are always aware of the other person in the background. There is ongoing concern and affection so that the other is always present, omnipresent. This is meditation. 

If you say, “I can’t meditate” it is because you can’t be still long enough to travel that inward path to the source of your being which is life itself. We all have the gift of life which is beyond our finite human existence. All of us are continuously concerned in this meditative sense. This is an ongoing process that influences our actions and choices in all our relationships. If this process doesn’t occur, it is because something is disturbing the stillness which prevents that path from opening.

So much of life is like whirling around on a circular revolving stage and there is a door which you can’t reach because you are moving too fast to get off. The momentum of the stage requires you to hold on and try to stabilize yourself. But you need to be still to travel that inward path to the source of your being. So, if you are caught on this merry-go-round, you have to stop it before you can get off. That is the act of conscious meditation. It is a time to turn your attention inward and be present to your inner world.

You have to be still before you can access the meditative world of deep and continuous love. This is the world of freedom because love and freedom are synonymous. You cannot love unless the conditions of freedom are present, and you cannot be free unless you love. The degree of closeness that is possible in a committed relationship depends upon the degree of communication and confidence that you have in yourself and the other. When you feel the security of unconditional love only then are you free to be together. Otherwise, you vacillate between security and insecurity and you’ll begin to question your existence. Accessing stillness, allows you to reach a place where you are together forever. Here your love is unconditional, and you are always aware of the other person in the cave of your heart. When you are dealing with children, they must feel this as well. The rest is just surface stuff, a kaleidoscope of mirrors shining in the sun. 

Psychological stillness is different from physical stillness yet physical stillness allows you to access psychological stillness. Sitting with eyes closed and being with yourself for longer and longer durations, allows you to access the psychological stillness where love can be accessed.

“When you really love, there is a quality of meditative communion where you are always aware of the other person in the background.”